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Santiago de Compostela


Santiago de Compostela is a popular destination and an impressive city with many monuments, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The main square Plaza del Obradoiro is surrounded by the four most symbolic buildings of the city: the Hostal dos Reis Católicos, the City Hall or Palacio de Rajoy, the School of San Jerónimo and the Cathedral.

Very close to the entrance of the cathedral is the main square or Plaza Mayor, which offers different cafés, bars and restaurants with views to impressive Gothic and Renaissance buildings. A visit of the local market or mercado de abastos from the 19th century is a must to discover the gastronomy of the area.

What to see

Discover Santiago de Compostela, Monte do Gozo and Pico Sacro and its surroundings with us. Very close to Hotel Gelmírez there is so much to discover: art, history, nature and beaches. 

  • Cathedral
  • Monastery and the Church of San Martin Pinario
  • Casa de la Troya
  • The church Colegiata de Sar
  • The park Parque de la Alameda
  • The park Parque de Santo Domingo de Bonaval
  • The square Plaza de Abastos
  • The city of culture or Ciudad de la Cultura